Friday, August 6, 2010

Bigfoot Fun Run 2010

This is my first run. I am a VERY slow runner. Seriously I walk faster! But I did it, and other than the first quarter mile, I ran! Yay me! It was fun to go with my little sister-in-law Kelsey and my bff April. If you sign up for these races and go and complete them they give you a commemorative T-shirt sometimes you can get a medal! Notice Kelsey in the middle is not wearing a T-shirt or a medal.....she did not sign up on line before the race. However she is very fast and came in 2nd place!!!! Yay Kelsey! Poor April forgot her music so she ran with me I should say she pranced along side me cheering me on so I wouldn't quit! It is good to have good friends.

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Stephanie said...

Way to go!! That's such a big accomplishment. Running intimidates me for some reason.